Pasqua 2021


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Until 24. April

Wietske  van Leeuwen

Collages and Assemblages

Wietske van Leeuwen (1965) has been making three-dimensional ceramic collages – or assemblages – for years. Raw, formless clay is no use to her. She must first mould it into fruits and other objects before she gets to work. Among the items she casts in multiples in clay and arranges in rows or stacks are shells, lemons, bell peppers, coiled rope and the stems of drinking glasses and weeds such as hogweed. The resulting objects are usually dishes or lidded pots. This makes her a classic ceramicist with a style all of her own. Writers have compared her work to pastry, but they are actually showpieces: centrepieces that function as conversation pieces.  

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Contemporary crafts

Guido Geelen  I   Ritsue Mishima  I   Luzia Simons

01.05 – 29.08.2021

“Contemporary crafts are at their best when beauty encounters some form of the bizarre, when manufacturing traditions are twisted to their core, when instead of echoing past eras it challenges us to fathom a new language with a familiar alphabet. Dutch tulip vases, Murano glass and Flemish tapestries are examples of artefacts that carry astounding cultural significance and have played a significant role in shaping taste in European art history, both among royalty and the bourgeoisie. These three artists prove that these art forms are still evolving. They are compelled to digest these deep-rooted traditions, to pursue new ways of reacting to and blending cultural references, inevitably transforming them into handcraft as an act of nonconformism.” - Aldonso Palacio

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