novembre 2022

Ritsue Mishima  I Guido Sengle I Willem Speekenbrink

11.11 – 24.12.2022

A cold show to heat up the winter

Ritsue Mishima

It takes a lot of effort to get opinionated Venetian master glass-blowers to work in samurai discipline and Japanese minimalism. Ritsue Mishima literally wields the baton in these history-drenched workshops, coaxing them to embody her drawings as crystalline sculptures, massive yet filigree, which seem to trap the light. Fantasies of the lagoon come to life, achromatic and thus more poetic – a nudge back to the glory of Murano’s eleventh-century clear-glass origins. 


The Cold Song

What power art thou? 
Who from below
Hast made me rise?
Unwillingly and slow
From beds of everlasting snow!
See'st thou not how stiff
And wondrous old?
Far unfit to bear the bitter cold...
I can scarcely move
Or draw my breath
I can scarcely move
Or draw my breath
Let me, let me
Let me, let me
Freeze again...
Let me, let me
Freeze again to death!
Henry Purcell  John Dryden

Guido Sengle

‘Hence every individual work is a manifestation of the effort “to become (something)”.  
Each is a testimonial to the skills which exact time and energy as their toll, a toll paid willingly by a creator who has got to know the meaningfulness of his work. The work of Guido Sengle conveys to the eye the patience and longanimity practiced in the creative, its artisan mastery moving those who behold it.’

Porcelain 2014 – 2021 

Willem Speekenbrink

‘Beauty can be terrifying, terror can be aesthetically pleasing. It’s a matter of how it’s being served to us. Dealing with images can be delightful as well as lethally dangerous.
Speekenbrink’s sculptures show this sign of the times of which they themselves are a part.’


Saturday 26. NOVEMBER 2022