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Frank Bruggeman

Frank Bruggeman is fascinated by nature and horticulture and the thin line that separates the two. Much that appears to be natural is in fact designed by mankind. Bruggeman’s work questions prevailing views of nature and accepted notions about what is native and what is exotic. Much of his work is created at the intersection of different professions.

Plants and flowers play a major role in Bruggeman’s installations. Sometimes they are in optimum condition but, because transience is an important motif in his work, he also uses plants and flowers that are withered or dead. Many of his ‘flowerpieces’ and ‘plantscapes’ feature local flora, even in urban environments where there appears to be little or no vegetation. A recurring theme in his work is the revaluation of materials that are considered worthless or unusable.

Many of the objects that Bruggeman designs have a relationship to flowers and plants. He usually designs the vases or containers for his floral installations. Most of these objects are unique, but occasionally a particular design lends itself to the creation of a small edition. In many cases, these vases or containers are existing objects that have been subjected to a simple yet striking intervention.

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