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Luzia Simons

Flowers are photogenic. Blossoms as such are already artworks by nature. Even more so the bouquets!
Flowers of every hue have always been the stars of every still life. However, they way Luzia Simons stages tulips in the form of scanograms is always new and literally fresh as dew.

The method Simons has perfected to this end seems to be brutally simple: the tulips are scanned professionally and directly, without the detour of the camera. The resulting tableaus of blossoms and foliage radiate in changing colours against a background of dark velvet: from white to violet-black, across every shade of red, via orange all the way to flamed yellow.

Surfaces obtain depth. The tulip carries an immense metaphorical charge as a symbol of conquest, success or eros. This flower’s history down the ages – import hit from the Orient, exotic horticultural gem and, most of all, legendary object of speculation – is gradually bleeding into the image space.
Only from the correct distance it becomes clear that the tulip-tableaus grow increasingly pictorial, even though the artist does not handle a brush but a computer mouse with the precision of the old masters.

Luzia Simons on Artsy